bog turtle_AshleyHalsey2013At just four inches when full grown, the Bog turtle (Clemmys muhlenbergii), is the smallest turtle in North America. As its name suggests, the Bog turtle can be found in swampy areas and marshy meadows along the Eastern seaboard of the United States. They can easily be identified by the distinctive bright yellow, orange or red blotch on each side of its head.

Unfortunately, Bog turtles were federally listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act in 1997, primarily due to habitat loss and degradation.(1) Bog turtles are legally protected or regulated in nearly all states in which they occur, but most of these regulations relate just to the species and do not provide protection to its habitat. However, many states are increasing efforts to conserve both bog turtles and their habitat, and a number of wetland habitats containing turtle populations throughout the range are protected.(2)

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