Here we have a male Eastern Bluebird (latin name: Sialia sialis) perched on a tree branch. Males are a brilliant blue and females are lighter with more brown in their coloring. During this time of year bluebirds should be returning from their winter home in the southeastern U.S or Mexico. The bluebird is a small thrush and spends its time perched on low branches, posts, wires and anything else that will allow a good view of open grasses where it finds its prey of small insects and sometimes fruit.

The Eastern Bluebird can be found from the east coast all the way into the central United States. The male bluebird finds a nest site and then attempts to attract a female by bringing nesting materials to the site and perching outside of it. Once the female choses her mate, she does all the nest building. Bluebirds usually have more than one brood per year.

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